The Llandaff Branch and Monmouth Branch Striking Competitions were both held during the afternoon of Saturday 12th May 2018, the date of the Monmouth Branch's event having been brought forward so as not to unfairly distract attention from the Royal Wedding in Windsor the following week.

Results and photographs are available below. Click on the coloured tabs to choose results and photos to view.

Llandaff Branch Competitions

The Llandaff Branch Competitions were held at St Catherine's, Baglan, and these glorious bells were put to good use by all the bands. The Judges, David Childs and Becky Drysdale, were particularly complimentary about the ringing in the Call Change section.

Prior to the results being announced, those present enjoyed the sandwiches and cakes brought by the ringers on a "Bring and Eat" basis with beverages provided by local ringers.

The Judges scored the competitions as follows (Bands listed in order of ringing):

Call Change:
1. South Vale: 45 faults (1st)
2. Llantwit Major: 66.5 faults
3. Aberavon/Baglan: 67 faults
4. Caerphilly: 72.5 faults
5. Merthyr Practice Band: 56 faults (2nd)
6. Cowbridge: 57 faults

Method Section:
1. Cadoxton: 67.5 faults (2nd)
2. Llandaff 53.5 faults (1st)
3. Cardiff 87.5 faults (3rd)
4. Penarth 74.5 faults*

*placed 4th due to technical infringement of the Rules.

South Vale, Merthyr Practice Band, Llandaff and Cadoxton go forward to represent the Branch in the Inter-Branch Competitions at Michaelston-y-Fedw on the evening of Wednesday 11th July 2018.

Photo: St Catherine, Baglan
St Catherine, Baglan

Photo: Some of the South Vale band with the Judges and Trophy
South Vale Band

Photo: Representative of the Cowbridge Band with the Judges
Cowbridge with Certificate

Photo: Representative of the Merthyr Practice Band with the Judges
Merthyr with Certificate

Photo: The Llandaff Cathedral Band with the Judges
Llandaff Cathedral Band

Photo: Andrew John of Cadoxton with the Judges
Cadoxton with Certificate

Photo: Bob Hardy of St John's, Cardiff, with the Judges
Cardiff with Certificate

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