Updated 17th February 2020

The Church in Wales Safeguarding Policy was published in April 2016 and it considers this Policy to be mandatory. PCCs are now implementing the Policy which supersedes previous guidance on Young People (2007) and Vulnerable Adults (2011). There are several sections in the Policy which are applicable to ringing and to members of the Association and the activities which our members undertake.

Consequently, the Association Management Committee has produced the attached guidance for the use of our Members. It will be of particular relevance to Tower Captains, other Tower Officials and to those who teach young people or who may occsaionally work with them. It is recommended that all of the Association's Members be aware of the Guidance and familiarise themselves with it; it offers relatively simple advice, much of which is common sense.

In addition to Safeguarding, the Association's Guidance also addresses Health & Safety and therefore supercedes previous Guidance  issued by the Association.

Should any of the Association's members or any Officers of affiliated towers wish to discuss the Guidance then, in the first instance, they should contact The Association Chairman.

Please see attached, also, the 2019 Safeguarding Guidance from the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers (added Feb 2020).

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