Updated 31st December 2017

The Bell Restoration Fund, a Registered Charity, provides the the principal focus for the Association's fund-raising efforts. The Fund's aims and objectives include providing funding (by way of grant-aid and/or loans) for the restoration of bells within the two Dioceses, augmentations and the purchase of local bells to save them from being lost.

The Bell Restoration Fund is a Registered Charity (No. 507208), overseen by its Trustees - the Association General Secretary, Association Treasurer (both ex-officio) and two members of the Association elected at the Annual General Meeting.

Applications for funding must be made in writing to the Association General Secretary and the merits of each application are considered by the Trustees who, in turn, make a recommendation to the Association Management Committee. It is at a meeting of the Management Committee where decisions regarding applications for grant-aid are made.

The Bell Restoration Fund relies heavily on the hard work and commitment of the Association's membership and it is a credit to the membership that the Fund has been able to help with many schemes of work over the past few decades.

The Bell Restoration Fund Rules and the Guidance for Applicants (there is no "application form" as such) may be downloaded from the links below.

For information about bell restoration and the Association's Bell Restoration Fund, please contact the Association General Secretary.

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