Updated 2nd May 2022

The Llandaff and Monmouth DACBR is the bellringing organisation for ringers in South Wales, UK.

As its name suggests, the Association's geographical area covers the Dioceses of Llandaff & Monmouth - from Chepstow in the East to Neath in the West; from Merthyr Tydfil and Abergavenny in the North to the Severn Estuary in the South.

The Asscociation was founded in October 1893 and has a current membership of around 400 split approximately equally between its two constituent Branches, i.e. the Llandaff Branch and Monmouth Branch. We do things logically in South Wales! Generally, the membership of the two Branches tends to be approximately equal - by accident rather than design. The Branches' geographical areas are broadly in accord with the two Dioceses.

Each Branch is autonomous, running their own structures and accounts and each sets its own membership fees having regard to Branch income and expenditure. Resident membership of the Association can only be conferred by the Branches.

The Association provides a number of services to its members and to the ringing world in general and provides the fulcrum for a thriving social life in addition to serving The Church by way of the bellringers' main objective - ringing for Sunday Service.

The Association's affairs are run by a Management Committee consisting of the Association's Officers, the Chairs of the two Branches, the Central Council Representatives plus other co-opted members as needed. The Association and Branches work in a "spirit of co-operation", ensuring that events, meetings, etc. do not clash in the diary.

The Association operates a Bell Restoration Fund, Registered Charity (Number 507208), with the aim of providing financial assistance with the cost of maintaining, restoring and providing church bells in the two constituent Dioceses.

The Bell Restoration Fund Trustees also sit on the Management Committee, where decisions upon applications for grant-aid and/or loans from the Fund are made.

Association Members receive an Annual Report each year and a "Fixture Card" of events and practices, there being four of the latter each month.

Information on all the above can be found on this site. Association, Branch and other contacts details can be found by clicking on "Contacts" on the Main Menu.

The Association Rules, as amended at the AGM on 30th April 2022, can be downloaded from the link below.

Also available below are the Rules for the Pitman Trophy Striking Competition. This competition takes place each year between tower-bands representing both Branches.

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