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4 weeks 1 day ago #775 by Williams
Tonight at our practice session @ St Johns, of Newton Nottage Porthcawl, our number 7 rope disintegrated approx at the point where the rope leaves the wheel. We're not sure if it's due to rot or something else that has caused the issue.

The big problem is that the rope broke when being used and the bell has ended up in what I think in the stand position (we're just not sure if it's stood on the handstroke or the backstroke!). We have successfully rung the other bells down, but the 7th bell is still in the up position with no rope to ring it!

We have a previous rope, not necessarily from that specific bell, and are contemplating using it to get the bell to ring down.

Our current idea is to strap the bell to the frame so that it cannot ring, untie the remaining shred of the current rope, replace with the previous rope that we have found and ring the bell down and leave it out of action until we can get a replacement new rope made.

What really is of concern, is that following significant work on the tower a few years ago, we replaced all 8 of the ropes, all of which were lubed so we cannot work out how the 7th appears to have disintegrated so soon, especially as there's nothing on any other ropes to indicate a similar issue is imminent?!

Has anyone experienced anything like this? Can you give us guidance and the best course of action a.s.a.p.

Many thanks

St John's Parish of NNP

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3 weeks 4 days ago - 3 weeks 4 days ago #778 by webmaster
I understand that you've been contacted directly about your issues. I'm sure this will be of help and the bells will be fully-functional again very shortly.

Keeping a watchful eye on proceedings........
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